If not You and I ... then Who?

Founded in 2009, HADAC is a non-profit corporation focusing on primary medical and dental care, education, agriculture and vocational training in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Help Improve the Lives of People in Need!

The sole purpose of HADAC and Monkey Jungle is to provide free medical, dental, pharmaceutical and eye care to any one that visits our clinics in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Get involved today and make a difference!

Food Provisions

HADAC has been instrumental in providing food for many at risk in both Haiti and Dominican Republic, especially during the many natural disasters they have faced over the last few years. During the pandemic, Candy’s Kitchens were started to feed thousands of desperate hungry people.

Free Medical & Dental Care

Monkey Jungle free clinics are run by professionally trained personnel and have been supported by many visiting teams and volunteers of doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists and assistants from numerous countries.

Education Programs

HADAC was instrumental in providing one of our Haitians volunteers with the means to obtain his full medical qualifications. He was our primary doctor at Monkey Jungle Medical Clinic until 2019.

Clean Water

Part of supplying the basic needs to communities is insuring they have a clean water source. HADAC with the help of the locals has drilled two separate wells in Durac, Haiti.

Agricultural & Vocational

To serve the local community, our team has planted 100's of fruit trees, watermelon, cantaloupe yucca and plantains at our Children's Home & Organic Farm.


In 2022, we helped save many lives by helping pay for several surgeries, including brain aneurysm, broken arms, broken legs/ankles. We get request weekly to help fund different potential surgeries.

Since starting in 2008, we have been blessed with 1000's of Volunteers who have used their skills to truly help make their differences in the life of others.

We have seen more than...


Free Prescriptions Supplied


Families Supported with food


Health Care Volunteers


Patients Served

Our Work

From our base in Sosua, Dominican Republic, we do as much as we possibly can to make a difference to the many underserved communities in both Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Staying true to our mission, HADAC teams provide free primary medical and dental care, education, food, and clean water to remote locations where the need is the greatest.

Our staff and volunteers assist in a variety of educational and agricultural programs. We supply public hospitals and free clinics with medical supplies when we have a surplus. As critical needs arise, our teams deploy tarps, clothing, food, and medical supplies after many natural disasters in our region you hear about in the news, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding.

Together, we can make a difference.

Durac, Haiti

This town of 5,000 near the Haitian/Dominican border is a semi-desert with the only water available being contaminated; many residents show signs of dysentery. HADAC with the help of the locals was able to drill two new water wells for this community.

Mango Fresco, Dominican Republic

Located about 8 miles inside El Choco, Mango Fresco is a community of Dominican and Haitian people, where there is a shortage of clean water and basic food needs. We provide medical and dental treatment and deliver food, water and clothing.

Cap Haitian, Haiti

Cap Haitian has seen an influx of homeless and poor fleeing the devastated areas to the southwest. HADAC continues to supply this area when it is needed and available.

Jacmel, Haiti

Since the earthquake in 2008, HADAC has been instrumental in providing medical supplies, drinking water and food to this very isolated community that was largely overlooked by international aid organizations.

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