HADAC takes a new direction with education

In 2011 one of our clinic volunteers had to drop out of medical school in his 3 rd year of a 6 year medical program, due to lack of funds. We have selected him to experiment with a medical school tuition program.

This month he will re-enroll in medical school in Santiago. I have very high hopes this student will follow through and complete his education. Funds will not be paid back; instead, he will work for the medical clinic for 1 to 2 years after he is finished his training, for 6 hours each Saturday. The cost to attend medical school for four years including books, excluding room and board is about $5000-$6,000 USD a year.

I believe the risk is 50-50 for the dollars spent and the rewards will be high.

HADAC’s first sponsored Doctor Graduates!

July 15, 2016

Written by Our Medical coordinator Teresita grant – Very excited to be sharing a special event. My very talented friend Wally K. Jean will become a Doctor of Medicine tomorrow, and I have been invited to the ceremony in Santiago. I am proud and honoured to be included in this celebration of his hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to the art of healing… A truly positive moment in an increasingly challenging world. It has been a pleasure and inspiration to watch this young man grow into such a necessary and valued role, with skills that will be greatly appreciated, both here and in Haiti.

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