WestJet Vacations visited Monkey Jungle and they discovered how Monkey Jungle supports HADAC. Enjoy this video and their review!

“For travelling thrill-seekers, the north coast of the Dominican Republic, near Puerto Plata, offers more fast-paced action than any Hollywood blockbuster. Discover off-roading, ziplining over a monkey reserve and kite surfing, Dominican-style.”

Sosua, Dominican Republic

Sosúa, Dominican Republic is a small town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic. Located approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) from the Puerto Plata International Airport (POP), the town is accessed primarily by Camino Cinco, or Highway 5, which runs much of the length of the country’s North coastline. The town is divided into three sectors: El Batey, which is the main section where most tourists visit, Sosúa Abajo, and Los Charamicos.

Sosua has many attractions, as its beaches, specially the one called Sosua Beach, which is a crescent-shaped bay protected by coral formations and clear waters for divers and snorkelers. Sosua’s other beaches are Waterfront (Playa Alicia), Paradise beach (actually shifts on and off every several months), Playa Imbert and Playa Chiquita. Waterfront beach is just 13 years old, created after a storm around 2002. There is also sport fishing. A very large population of expatriates share their culture and mingle with locals and foreigners.Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures

One of main attractions in Sosua is Monkey Jungle & Zip Line Adventures, the most incredible place to spend your time feeding monkeys and having this amazing adventure deep in the forest while zip lining with this incredible and crazy guides that will make your day the best. Sunny or rainy day is a awesome experience that you will never forget.

Sosúa Bay attracts many water sports enthusiast, including snorkelers and divers because of its sheltered, calm waters, diverse species of fish and intricate reef structures.

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